The crypto Forex broker
ICO Project of Real Trade REAL TRADE
Real Trade is a Forex broker which works since 2003
The company provides reliable and competitive services on the Foreign Exchange Market to clients worldwide
The customers are generally individuals who trade on the fluctuations of different financial instruments quotations
The instruments include mainly currency, gold, crypto-currencies and other instruments


Fundraising is organized to improve the existing Forex broker, i.e. to create the crypto version of it. The raised funds are used to achieve the goal, as a result the new branch of company will be launched, that is, the broker which processes all the operations in crypto-currencies only.

Namely, all the clients’ operations, particularly, deposits, replenishments, withdrawals and other operations will be handled in crypto-currencies. Furthermore, at the final stage of the project, all the aforementioned transactions will be held in broker’s tokens (#RTCoin). We believe this slight improvement will cause drastic changes in the Forex broker's economy.

One of the most important positive aspects of such modernization is that it allows us to expand our services to new markets. In other words, it allows us to reach a more broad client’s database and makes transfers easier and cheaper for clients from the countries with severe currency regulations (Arab countries, some part of Latin America countries and China).

We are sure that the new model of the business will outperform the existing one in less than a year time and thus will bring great profits to the investors and the owners.


Soft CAP > 1’000’000 USD

The minimum amount required. If we fail to reach this point, all the money will be automatically returned to the investors’ accounts and the project will be suspended. If we do not reach the goal, we believe that means that the interest in the industry is too low.

Normal Cap > 5’000’000 USD

The amount will allow us to launch the project according to our Roadmap. We will operate according to the Roadmap for about a year.

Optimal Cap > 10’000’000 USD

We will reduce the launching period and increase our marketing budged with more than 10 mln USD raised. This will definitely help us win the main part of the market.


PRE ICO — 08/03/18 — 31/03/18

The price #RTCoin = 0.00005 ETH. (50% discount)

20 000 000 #RTCoin tokens will be emitted for the whole period of PRE ICO.

ICO — 01/04/2018 — 28/04/2018

50 000 000 #RTCoin tokens will be distributed during this stage.

#RTCoin price during the 1st week = 0.00006 ETH (40% Discount)

#RTCoin price during the 2nd week = 0.00007 ETH (30% Discount)

#RTCoin price during the 3rd week = 0.00008 ETH (20% Discount)

#RTCoin price during the 4th week = 0.00009 ETH (10% Discount)

POST ICO — 29/04/2018 — 31/05/2018

During this period we sum up the results, sell all the left tokens and prepare to enter the exchanges. The #RTCoin token markup is evenly distributed among the existing POST ICO investors. #RTCoin tokens will be available only on exchanges after May 31.

  • Mar 2018

    Sales begin

    The initial price of RTCoin token

  • Apr 2018

    The initial capital is raised to begin the project

    The Optimal goal is 10 mln USD

  • May 2018

    Defining the financial outcome

    Preparing for work process

    Selling the left tokens

  • Jun — Jul 2018
    Technical arrangement

    Automatic transfers to and from the broker’s accounts in crypto-currencies

    Adaptation of the broker's software for crypto-currencies

    Adapting the company staff to the new environment, i.e. retraining

    Agreement with stock markets to add #RTCoin

  • Aug — Dec 2018
    Starting to accept client payments

    Clients payments are handled in crypto-currencies.

    Working on bugs detection and fixes in crypto broker’s operations. Beginning of marketing campaign

  • Jan 2019
    #RTCoin price doubles

    The #RTCoin market price doubles its size

    The client base doubles

    Extra Sales offices are spread out

  • Feb— Dec 2019
    Further Cap growth

    High-liquidity tokens of other companies will be included into the available instruments for “margin trading”

    Preparation for accepting #RTCoin tokens as a means of payment and a traders’ deposits currency

  • Jan 2020
    Accepting #RTCoin tokens on the accounts as a means of payment

    Accepting #RTCoin tokens as a means of payment

    Activating the #RTCoin Token Rate Insurance System


With the classical outcome of the events, investors earn profit in case the market value of a token increased. What happens though if the token has not gone up in price? In the traditional case scenario the investor takes all the risks. Not in our case though. We offer a solution to the problem, i.e. we pledge to maintain the annual return of #RTCoin at 20% with no risk to investors.

We provide guarantees for Token's minimum rate of return to our investors in the following way: we will provide a "personal room" and open a real trading account in MetaTrader 4 for each ICO investor just like any other account of our clients. The investors then can use the account just like a conventional trading account, meaning they can make any trading deals and withdraw or deposit funds.

In turn, the main purpose of the trading account is to monitor the growth of the value of the token and increase in the profits from investing in #RTCoin. If the yield of our token is less than 20% in 1 year time, the broker will transfer the missing sum to the accounts of the investors as a bonus. This is how our risk-free program works.

According to the Real Trade broker’s standard terms, you have the right to choose any other asset from the offered ones or withdraw it from the account without any consequences. This is the "Token Rate Insurance System" - a stable and secure maintenance of the rate of return for #RTCoin.




ICO has been finished

The ICO stage has been finished on 30st April 2018 at 12:00 pm GMT.



We are pleased to inform you that Real Trade is running a special Crypto promotion for new and existing customers.

Crypto Bonus Promotion Terms and Conditions:

• The promotion is valid from 15 March 2018 to 31 March 2018 inclusive.


The ICO stage has been finished on


The crowdsale

The crowdsale is scheduled to start on 8 March 2018 at 12:00 pm GMT.
During the period from 08.03.2018 to 31.03.2018 there is a 50% discount rate present.
The price of 1 RTC = 0,00005 ETH during the given period of time.


The initial price of 1 RTC = 0,0001 ETH

During the period from 08.03.2018 to 31.03.2018 the price of 1 RTC = 0,00005 ETH (50% discount)


Bitcoin: 3DT6QzNnQZoTyU8QoGYQwqCTuuCB96fm5L



Perfect Money:

U4734351 (USD)

E5443768 (EUR)


Z421836611373 (USD)

E180132244605 (EUR)

R291327975903 (RUB)

X517084432720 (BTC)

Wire Transfer: the bank account related details can be requested via e-mail:

#RTCoin tokens purchased with Ethereum will be automatically credited to the Ethereum wallet that the payment was made from.



Our team consists of classified and experienced professionals in different spheres, that is

IT, quality assurance, finance, customers support, human resources, marketing and communications, business and product development and other spheres.

Our motto is – less talk, more quality products and services.